• Hire a Graphic Designer. You can hire a graphic designer to get the job done for you... that is, if you don't mind forking out at least $120 for having one professional eCover done for you. And that is only ONE.

    You might or might not have the money to afford a graphic designer. And if you need to have some adjustments made to the eCover, it might cost extra on your part to have the same graphic designer make any changes to the eCover.

    I don't think this what you REALLY want, right? Let's check out your next option.

  • Get a Tool or Software that creates eCovers for you. You can create an unlimited number of eCovers with such leverage that you suspect these wicked tools are ready to put graphic designers out of their job!

    But the question is: can you produce PROFESSIONAL eCovers that you've been wanting so badly? Whether you like it or not, you still need to have a certain degree of graphic designing skills to utilize eCover Creating Programs.

    In addition, more often than not, you will just NOT like the results you get from using these programs. I know it because I've used it myself before.

Which Leaves The Third And Best Option For You...

Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!

Easily Create Multiple Professional eCovers With Photoshop Only - No Third Party Software Or Plug-ins Needed!

Fire Your Graphics Designer And Drop The Idea Of Spending More Money On Acquiring An eCover Creating Software...

... because in my manual, I give you the "brains" of a professional graphics designer, presented to you in layman's terms, which is ideal especially if you're not a techie person by nature. And most importantly, I show you how you can easily make your own expensive-looking eCover in just a few minutes (not more than an hour).

Here's What You Will Discover In
"Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!"

In "Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop", you will discover:

  1. How you can create your own professional eCover in less than an hour!

    All you need is Adobe Photoshop program installed in your PC. You don't need to engage a graphics designer or even use any external plug-ins or third party software in the process yet I show you how you can still have your own quality eCover designed to look as expensive and exotic as possible - whether your product is selling for $10 or $1,000!

  2. The secrets to creating a realistic eCover!

    This manual is not about those that you already know so well. No, the techniques have nothing to do with the usual effects one would apply when creating an eCover in Photoshop environment such as Distortions and Free Transformation.

    Learn what most average eCover designers don't know that YOU should know - because this is what will part you from the rest of the crowd and can very well be responsible for making you the next expert graphic designer!

    How to Create background images that dominate the mood of your website while drawing attention to your content.

  3. How to print on the cardboard and fold it!

    How to have your covers pasted on each faces of the cardboard yet still sport a professional look and realistic angle!

  4. Additional techniques that will put you years ahead of other graphic designers who are charging at least $120 for an eCover!

    In addition to discovering their secret inner techniques that enable them to make you pay at least $120 for an eCover, you will learn additional techniques that will put most of the other graphic designers at shame!

Now, you no longer have to:

  • spend a fortune hiring an expensive graphic designer! Save your money which can be best spent on something else!

  • invest a sum of your money into buying an eCover Creating Software! My manual is written in plain, simple English that almost anyone can understand. No need to crack your head in a few different places in the process! And the good news is that my manual isn't going to cost anywhere near as much as the program, which you will be delighted to find out soon.

  • spend days, weeks or even months learning how to create your own eCover! Because all the fillers and hot air has been filtered, you get only all the essential information needed to create your own eCovers in Photoshop environment alone!

That said...

Check Out Some Of The eCovers You Get To Produce With The Benefit Of The Unique Information Found In "Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!"

That's right. All of the above eCovers were creating solely with Photoshop. No graphic designers have been hired, no third party software have been used and certainly no animals have been harmed in the process. So, are you still skeptical?

So, How Much Is This Manual Worth?

Since I'm giving you the "brains" of a professional graphic designer, translated from "technical language" into simple English - the one who is charging hundreds of dollars per eCover done - then this information may be well worth hundreds of dollars to you, too!

I know. This manual is only 25 pages long but the bottom-line is that the manual contains NOTHING BUT ESSENTIAL INFORMATION you need to create your own professional eCover - easily and professionally - in just minutes. I also know that your time is too precious to skim over hundreds of pages, packed with technical jargons you might never get around understanding. On the other hand, you may also be reluctant to pay SO MUCH for just one measly eCover done. For all I know, you have a range of new products waiting to be sold in the Internet marketplace but their "cover-naked" right now!

That, my friend, is the basis of my manual, "Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!".

So, how much is this manual going to cost you?

A Measly $17!

That's nowhere near as much as hiring a graphic designer or acquiring a software to do the job for you for that matter. And consider the fact that with the same knowledge learned once, you can produce UNLIMITED quality eCovers for your own!

Yes, that's right. But I'm not really done yet. I'll add more to this offer.

3D BOX Photoshop Action
.ATN Scripts You Can Use To Easily Create eCovers For You Automatically and Professionally!
$47 Value)

Take the lazy man's way with 3D BOX Photoshop Action and get your flat design molded and developed into your desired, professional eCover in next few seconds simply by loading and running these action scripts into your Adobe Photoshop program!

With these .atn scripts, you can now create your:

  • 3D eBox,
  • 3D eCover,
  • 3D eZine, and
  • 3D eReport!

3D BOX Photoshop Action
Read-In-5-Minutes-And-Use-Instantly Documentation
($10 Value)

This is a brief, concise and straight-to-the-point manual which you will be getting together with the Photoshop action scripts that will show you, step-by-step, on how to use the scripts to create your eCovers easily and professionally!

Total Bonus Value = $47 + $10 = $57!

Right. You get all of the above-mentioned bonuses worth $57 in total together with your purchase of "Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!" - all these for only $17!

Now, I'll conclude this entire deal with a guarantee that will press you to take action NOW.



Get "Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!" right now. Read it. Apply the techniques found within this manual. Create your own professional eCover in one hour.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, or you still fail to create your own first professional eCover, delete the manual from your computer, send me an E-mail, and I will personally refund every cent of your money, no questions asked. You may keep the bonuses, however.

I am that confident of the results you can achieve from benefiting from the unique information found in my manual because I know that once you discover how powerful the information in my manual is to you, you will be too busy making your own eCovers for your products that you'd ditch the idea of asking for a refund!

Get Your Copy Now!

As you can see what is now obvious, I am taking ALL of the risk so that you can try out my manual without hesitation.


The Clock Is Ticking. Place Your Order Now!

It's now or never. If you leave this page without this manual in your hands, chances are that you won't come back to this page again thus letting go of the golden chance in saving your wallet. Don't procrastinate. Order now.

To Your eCover Designing Success,

M.H Ismail

P.S. Finally, you can now ditch the graphic designer and put them out of their job because you can now create your own eCovers easily and profesionally in a matter of minutes even if you're not born a techie person!

P.P.S. Is $17 cheap? Of course it is! Or would prefer to spend hundreds of dollars hiring a graphic designer to do the job for you? Furthermore, you may not be happy with the results and that if you want to make adjustments to your eCovers, you may have to spend more time and maybe more money calling your designer back to work. Is this what you really want?

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